Organized groups of criminals.

There are a large variety of crime syndicates, including:

  • Street Gangs: Small gangs focused on low-level street crime, tend to be ethnicity based. These ethnicities are usually either African American or Latino. 
  • Mafias/Mobs/Crime Families: Powerful and influential businesses hinged solely upon organized crime. Crime syndicates called "crime families" don't necessarily literally have to be family businesses, though they quite commonly are. The three biggest real-life mobs are Sicilian, American, and Russian, but there are also Irish, Jewish, Albanian, and Polish mobs.
  • The Yakuza: The multibillion-dollar organized crime conglomerate of Japan. 
  • Cartels: Syndicates that rival the scale of mafias whose entire businesses rely on drug trafficking. Are almost always Latino in base ethnicity, usually Colombian, Cuban, or Mexican.
  • Prison Gangs: Similar to street gangs but confined to prison environments. 
  • Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs/Biker Gangs: Syndicates connected by the biker culture.
  • White Supremacist Gangs: Syndicates connected by the white power culture, and/or neo-nazism. Tend to be tied to prison gangs. 

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